Organizing Your Apartment for Springtime

Each year, springtime inspires many to stop everything and clean. And though organizing your apartment can seem like a hopeless cause, it’s not impossible. When you look around wonder where you are going to put all that stuff in the house  the key to organizing is to look at the space in a different light.

Organizing Your Apartment for Springtime

Bring order into your home with these basic organization pointers.

For example, begin in the bathroom. Try not to see that bathroom as a small cramped space with no place for the toilet paper; instead, envision a rack on a sink cabinet door. Or, for all of those toiletries, think of what a door organizer, such as those used for shoes, can do in the bathroom with all of those loose items.

Don’t despair over the armoire that you’d found at your favorite antique shop. Make it more useful by adding shelves for a more practical clothing space, or even as a china cabinet for grandmother’s dishes that are languishing in boxes.

Consider your furniture arrangement. Pull the furniture away from the walls to create the illusion of more space. Painting furniture the same color as the walls also adds to this effect of space.

To add storage in areas that are full, use all available wall space and height.  Design floor to ceiling bookcases with a built in desk and storage cabinets.

Organizing your apartment in Smyrna does not have to mean a major renovation or parting with things of sentimental value.  Simply look around you with new eyes and get to organizing.

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